Neuroradiology and Imaging

Neuroradiology and Imaging Photo Neuroradiology and Neuroimaging paves path to visualize brain and spinal cord which is critical for diagnosing and treating patient with neurological illness. Neuroradiology is manoeuvred to image the structure, functions of central nervous and peripheral nervous system using neuroimaging techniques. Neuroimaging can be exploited for plain film diagnosis of the skull, sinuses, mastoids, spine and head, and neck structures, and all other imaging and special procedures related to the central nervous system and head and neck including angiography, myelography, interventional techniques, and magnetic resonance imaging. Our session mainly focusing on Basics of Neuroradiology, Pediatric Neuroradiology, Functional Neuroradiology, Emergency Neuroradiology, Spine Interventions, Neuroradiology and Patient safety and on Preventive Neuroradiology

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