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Neurological rehabilitation is in many ways different from the other branches of neurologyRehabilitation is a process of education of the disabled person with the aim of assisting that individual to cope with family, friends, work, and leisure as independently as possible. Neurorehabilitation especially focuses on Disability occurred due to neurological disorders. Thus, a key factor that differentiates rehabilitation from much of neurology is that it is not a process that can be carried out by neurologists alone, but necessarily requires an active partnership with a whole range of health and social service professionals. In short Scrutiny on relationship between various neural strategies, mechanisms of neural plasticity, and changes in behavior may facilitate the development of novel, more effective rehabilitation interventions for treating brain injury and disease. There is evidence of achieving a better outcome of neurorehabilitation with early initiation of treatment, high intensity, with specific goals and active therapies, and the coordinated work and multimodality of a specialized team.    
  • Neuroplasticity
  • Intermediate care (IMC)
  • Acute rehabilitation
  • Occupational rehabilitation
  • psychological therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Vision therapy
  • Language therapy

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